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Sculptures in every part of the city

The 3 trolly stops on Saturday, June 2nd, 2018 were pretty special. At each, you had the opportunity to meet a sculptor and their most recent work as they described it.   The Nashua Telegraph has an interesting article on the entire day.   If you’d like to see all the sculpture […]

A more friendly Website for the City

City of Nashua Website Updated to Improve User Experience The City of Nashua has made the following adjustments to its website with the goal of making it more intuitive and easy to use. The dropdown navigation menus have been reorganized to help users find information faster. A new group of […]

A message from the IT Department

Staying Safe From Tax Scams Though Benjamin Franklin is often quoted as saying “in this world, nothing can be said to be certain, except death and taxes,” an updated version for the current day would need to include tax scams. As people nationwide seek to file their tax returns, cybercriminals […]

More Ward 1 Road Notes

We’ve just heard back on our request for the DPW to look over Charron Ave and Pine Hill to improve the intersection. Here is their response: Good Afternoon Alderwoman Schmidt, Our Engineering Department has been working to address your concerns regarding the intersection of Charron Avenue and Pine Hill Road. […]

Ward 1 Meeting Notes 2/1/18

We held a Ward 1 meeting February 1st at our beautiful Broad St School. It was lightly attended, but a nice opportunity to chat about issues facing our part of the city. Two questions have already been answered by DPW this morning. From Lauren Byers DPW Public Relations Administrator concerning the […]

DPW needs people to let them know…

If your street needs attention because of potholes or is impossible or dangerous to navigate send your message to Learn a little more about Nashua’s DPW Winter Operations 2018 – DPW Presentation January 31 2018 There is also cool tool to post your exact problem right online