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During the pandemic, the Emergency orders from the state can be found here that are helping Nashua continue to do essential business:

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I’d be more than happy to answer any questions concerning upcoming meetings, issues, ideas, whatever, but please be kind. And please, understand that we are all on a learning curve together and your patience is very much appreciated.

Assessing, Facts

Assessing Department Audit Report

Management Audit Report Completed in March 2019

Conclusions and Major Recommendations

The Assessing Department Management Audit has enabled us to look beyond the operationsof the Assessing Department as several other departments are involved.

Major Recommendations:

1} Re-establish the Administrative Services Director position reporting to the Mayorwhich will more effectively align internal serving functions within the city, including but not limited to, Assessing, GIS and Information Technology operations under onedirectorship.

2} Eliminate the Chief Assessor position – the Administrative Services Director will directthe operations of the Assessing Department and working with the Chief Financial Officer will be charged with a} observing the current operating state and b} creatingand implementing an efficiency/improvement plan.

3} More effectively use the AssessPro software to conduct assessing business to include such items such as exemptions/credits and tax abatement processing. Consultation and technical assistance by Patriot Properties may be needed.

4} Create and/or update internal policies and procedures to reflect the current state of operations. Review functions within the department and update job descriptions as appropriate.

5} Implement a new mileage reimbursement policy and related procedures for allemployees who use their personal vehicle for City business.

6} Develop integrated internal training programs for assessing and administrative staff.Conduct orientation and informational workshops with the Board of Assessors.

7} Reduce reliance on the City’s legacy ADM INS software applications.

8} Invest in a full measure & list project over the next few years to update the propertyrecord data. This project will be completed in time to perform the next statemandated Revaluation.

9) In coordination with the full measure and list, transition from the use of the EYB to a grade/condition-based method of assessment. While the EYB is an acceptable method used in assessing, the grade/condition provides for greater transparency and taxpayer comprehension. An outside, experienced consultant is recommended to assist the city with this transition.


Have you ever wondered…

Schools are used year-round these days for various and sundry, and some districts are considering extending the school year to make room for bad days during the winter, longer holidays, and getting around that summer reading loss problem.

So which schools have air conditioning?

From Shawn Smith, Director of Plant Operations:

Nashua North and Nashua South High Schools
– throughout both buildings
Elm St
– Only in the main office and computer labs
Fairgrounds MS
– Dehumidification throughout, except gym
– Only in the main office and computer labs

Amherst St, Bicentennial, Dr. Crisp, and New Searles
– Only in the main office and computer labs

Birch Hill and Main Dunstable
– Second-floor classrooms, computer labs, and main office.

Charlotte Ave, Fairgrounds El and Ledge Street
– In all classroom wings except the rear wing.  Also the main office and computer lab.

Sunset Heights, Mt. Pleasant and Broad St.
– In all classroom wings, main office and computer lab


A more friendly Website for the City

City of Nashua Website Updated to Improve User Experience

The City of Nashua has made the following adjustments to its website with the goal of making it more intuitive and easy to use.

  • The dropdown navigation menus have been reorganized to help users find information faster.
  • A new group of buttons has been added to the left side of the page displaying the most frequently-requested pages.
  • A new group of buttons has been placed under the city picture for easy access to important information, including road construction and detour notices, agendas and minutes, and budget and financial reports.
  • The homepage calendar has been expanded to include a second tab for community events. The first tab will remain the primary calendar and will exclusively show City meetings, election information, and City holidays.

While you’re exploring the changes, please let us know what you think by taking a brief Site Improvement Survey by May 31st. Your feedback is appreciated!

Facts, IT

A message from the IT Department

Staying Safe From Tax Scams

Though Benjamin Franklin is often quoted as saying “in this world, nothing can be said to be certain, except death and taxes,” an updated version for the current day would need to include tax scams. As people nationwide seek to file their tax returns, cybercriminals attempt to take advantage of this with a variety of scams. Hundreds of thousands of U.S. citizens are targeted by tax scams each year, often only learning of the crime after having their legitimate returns rejected by the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) because scammers have already fraudulently filed taxes in their name. The IRS reported a 400% rise in phishing scams from the 2015 to the 2016 tax season. In the state, local, tribal, and territorial government sector during 2017, approximately 30% of all reported data breach incidents were related to the theft of W-2 information, which was likely used for tax fraud. To find out more read this month’s edition of the IT Newsletter.

Also if you receive any suspicious email, please forward that email

Reminder, if you encounter any issues, please call the Helpdesk at ext. 3320

We hope this newsletter will be helpful to you and that you find the information valuable. If you have any questions or suggestions for future newsletters or training opportunities, please let us know!

Thank you

For assistance



Call the helpdesk at; Ext 3320



DPW, Facts

Ward 1 Meeting Notes 2/1/18

We held a Ward 1 meeting February 1st at our beautiful Broad St School. It was lightly attended, but a nice opportunity to chat about issues facing our part of the city.

Two questions have already been answered by DPW this morning. From Lauren Byers DPW Public Relations Administrator concerning the online information on this year’s paving plan and  about future plans for Charron Ave:

  1. The paving plan is still in the process of being finalized so I don’t have anything to offer you yet.  I believe by March we should have all the information your residents will need, but I will confirm the expected completion date for you.
  2. I will get back to you regarding the study of Charron Ave and Pine Hill Road intersection, if not today then definitely at the beginning of next week!

Let me know if other questions occur to you.


City of Nashua – WINTER BULLETIN

to read this in its entirety, go here.

Snow Emergencies

The City of Nashua selectively declares snow emergencies for the safety of its residents and to clear vehicles from its roads during plowing. Parking is banned on all Nashua streets during a snow emergency, but free in all City of Nashua garages. Snow emergencies usually begin in the late evening and continue through early morning to minimize their impact on drivers.

Snow Emergency Alerts

  • Sign up for CodeRED, a free automated notification system the City of Nashua uses during snow emergencies and other emergencies. CodeRED notifications can be sent to a landline, cellphone (by call or text), or email address. Visit to sign up.


  • Snow emergency Information is also available through:
    • Twitter @NashuaOEM
    • Channel 16, 96, and 99
    • City of Nashua’s Snow Line: (603) 589-4795
    • Emergency Information Line: (603) 589-3456
    • Snow emergency beacons installed throughout the city flash during a snow emergency

Only use 911 for emergencies! Otherwise, call the Snow Line at (603) 589-4795


Towing During Snow Emergencies

The City of Nashua makes every effort to avoid towing a vehicle. If a vehicle is towed during a snow emergency, it’s brought to the Four Hills Landfill at 840 W. Hollis St. At any time during the snow emergency, the owner may go to the landfill to retrieve the car. They must present proof of ownership and pay a $315 fine by cash, credit card or money order. After the snow emergency, the owner may pick the car up between the hours of 8 a.m. – 4 p.m.

School Cancellations and Delays

Superintendent of Schools Jahmal Mosley and his staff consult many sources before delaying or canceling school. In addition to conferring with the US Weather Bureau and local meteorologists, staff members consult the Nashua Division of Public Works, First Student Transportation, and the Nashua Police Department regarding driving and walking conditions.

The Nashua School District will call a family’s provided phone line by 5:45 a.m. the day of the decision.

  • School cancellation/delay information can also be found through:
    • Twitter @NashuaSchools
    • Local/Boston television and radio stations
    • Nashua School District phone message at (603) 966-1000
    • Nashua School District website at

A decision to delay or cancel school will be based on the best available information. However, the decision to keep a child home ultimately rests with each parent/guardian.

Early dismissals are considered only in extreme circumstances because of childcare concerns. Nevertheless, all parents and guardians should prepare for that rare event. Parents and guardians are advised to consult with child care providers and agree on a plan for child care in the event of an early dismissal. It is equally important to inform the students about those plans.

Plowing and Snow Removal

Nashua’s Division of Public Works operates more than 80 pieces of equipment on 41 routes, plowing 765 lane miles of streets and clearing 50 out of 214 miles of sidewalks.

DPW Manages a Snow Event By:

  • Reviewing multiple forecasts
  • Determining how to best time plowing
  • Pre-salting routes
  • Focusing on primary roads and then secondary roads. Priorities include downtown, schools and municipal parking lots.

All staff are on their routes after 2 inches of snowfall.
Within 12 hours all streets are cleared.
Within 48 hours all immediate school zone sidewalks are cleared.
Within 72 hours all primary sidewalk routes are cleared.

Nashua’s Economic Development Department cleans up many of Nashua’s downtown sidewalks and municipal lots, working as quickly as possible after snowstorms to clear them as efficiently as possible.

Residents are encouraged to clear sidewalks in front of their homes and businesses to assist in keeping sidewalks safe and passable.