So what about the Dog Park???

We discussed the land purchase last night in the Infrastructure Committee, and it was a very enlightening discussion. The land will be paid for by money already in the bucket for the Parkway, which it connects nicely with. The land is actually an often used access point for Mine Falls, and cannot be used to build on as it is in the flood plain where we can’t build – by law.

The set aside area for the Dog Park would only be perhaps a quarter of the land or less. Listening to the discussion, you will understand the purchase far better than I could encapsulate it here.

Here is the document for the purchase agreement, and the Committee recommends its purchase for the full BOA’s final vote.

Here is the discussion beginning at 4:39

Here is the plot on located at “L” Pine Street (Tax Map 77, Lot 5)


Walking Trails in Ward 1

Our ward is blessed with easy access to Lincoln Park and Mine Falls Park, but did you know that the wetland areas west of Nashua Airport have great trails to wander as well? Upon finding the walking map for the region, I asked the NRPC about this area and they responded!

I hope to see this added to their maps soon