First, I want to report the project is on time and on budget. This has been no easy feat being that we are grappling with a global pandemic. There have been supply chain issues and material price escalation. Harvey, our construction management firm is doing a yeoman’s job keeping this project moving forward. It is due to their stewardship we find out selves in such a strong position despite the challenges articulated. 

Second, We have entered the steel erection phase of the project. This started in earnest at the end of July and will continue on through to the end of September / early October. You may have seen a giant crane on Main Street, which the attached picture shows the operation of putting up the concrete wall adjacent to Surf. The other photos show steel being constructed at different points/angles. 

Third, there have been no major accidents or incidents. The project has gone smoothly and as expected. 

Finally, there is a minor issue that is being monitored, which is the pedestrian access in and around the project site. The sidewalk(s) on Main Street and West Pearl Street are “turned off” due to the construction occurring. This has caused some inconvenience as pedestrians need to cross on the East side of Main Street and be on to the Northern side of West Pearl Street. Once the steel construction has been completed the project site will be evaluated to see if at least pedestrian access and sidewalks can re-open on Main Street. This evaluation will occur in October once the steel construction is over. 

 FROM: Tim Cummings, Director of Economic Development 

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