The Nashua Performing Arts Center

Our state is graying, young people are simply not coming to or staying in NH, and because of this businesses┬árefuse to see NH as an atractive place to relocate to. Our governor has been trying, and so far we have one that has said they will, however, they’ve chosen Portsmouth, a NH city which has a very vibrant downtown, active and attractive.

Nashua is on the right track, fixing problem roadways and adding kindergarten, but it’s not going to be enough to spur economic growth from new businesses without a downtown that invites its community.

This is where I began:20170502_Webb-Mgmt_Final-Report_Exec-Summary

  1. These conclusions and recommendations were presented to the City of Nashua in May 2016. Based on feedback, we determined that the best course of action was to consider the development of a new 500 to 700-seat multi-purpose venue that could serve a range of nonprofit arts groups and commercial promoters, also responding to demand for a downtown meeting and event venue.


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