These guiding principles should lead our decision-making as we move forward.

First, that this money must have a meaningful and lasting impact on Nashua. Second, it is imperative that we be strategic with this infusion of funds and make sure we not only accomplish our statutory obligation but also enhance our economic wellbeing.

There will be a presentation providing an overview of how ARPA funding may be spent and a draft framework for discussion purposes at the Special Board of Aldermen Meeting on September 8th

At the September 14 Board of Aldermen Meeting, the Board will have a 1st reading accepting these funds. Over the coming weeks, the Office of Economic Development with the assistance of Financial Services and the Office of the Mayor will undertake a community outreach effort to discuss an appropriate framework.

We will offer residents an opportunity to provide feedback on the draft framework for spending ARPA funding, which has specific eligibility requirements. We will make available comment forms, a vitrutal forum, an in-person forum, and more.

We’ll need to make this opportunity work for Nashua and we’re going to need your help.

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