A letter from the Director of Admin Services

Good morning,

Today. at the August 29th Board of Assessors meeting,  Assessing staff and the Director of Administrative Services, Kim Kleiner  announced the creation of a new assessing monthly newsletter designed to keep residents informed during the 2019 Full Measure & List and Revaluation. Attached is the first issue: Assessing’s Monthy Monitor Newsletter, Volume 1, August 2019. To subscribe for monthly delivery please visit: https://www.nashuanh.gov/Assessing.  

The Assessing Department’s “Monthly Monitor” will also include important dates and deadlines, notice of changes and updates within the department, and general information to increase transparency regarding the assessing function. For all questions related to the newsletter please email assesshelp@nashuanh.gov.

Attached,  is also my departmental  update shared with the board and a copy of thr RFP issued yesterday.

Thank you,


Kim Kleiner |  Administrative Services Director

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