The Appraisal Firm of Vision Government Solutions has been hired by the City of Nashua to begin a City-wide Revaluation Project

Vision staff will start data collection in Ward 1 on March 3, 2020.

With your permission, the Vision staff member will request to inspect the interior, measure the exterior of all residential and commercial properties. 

City News
  • Data collectors will wear reflective clothing and carry badges identifying them as Vision Government Solution employees and will carry written documentation from the City stating their affiliation with the project.  
  • Vision Government Solution employees and their vehicles will also be registered with the Nashua Police Department and the Assessor’s Office.  

This process helps assure that your assessment will be fair and based on complete and accurate information. Without such cooperation, data collectors are forced to estimate how many bedrooms, bathrooms, etc., there are in your home.  For more information about this project and process please visit our website at Full Measure & List Appraisal and Revaluation

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