Ward 1 has an important part to play in the future of Nashua. Naturally separated from much of the city by the highway and the river, many people here had seldom traveled to downtown. However, the feeling of being more connected to downtown is slowly changing because of the completion of the Broad Street Parkway. Direct access with good signage and easy connection to the parking garages offers us a much wider variety of restaurants and entertainment.

We have long relied on our well-run airport with its Midfield Diner, with Chunky’s movie theater, large and small businesses tucked into the Nashua Mall, and easy access to large grocery stores here and on Amherst Street. We also have river access for fishing and boating and a lovely park to enjoy along with our 3 terrific schools – it all helps form our community.

This is what makes our Ward stable and strong – the community of people. That said, we can’t let the city forget that we too have requirements. Yes our new mayor is listening, we know this because of the updates to Amherst St. With easy access into the two businesses plazas and new dedicated right turn lane off Amherst Street onto Charron Ave, and associated left turn onto Amherst St – long awaited and much appreciated, but there is more, and I would like to help bring our issues to the forefront.

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