Recycle – here’s the scoop!

“ALL of the recycling that we collect gets sent to our recycling contractor.  None of the recycling that we collect is deposited in our Four Hills Landfill.  The recycling contractor sorts through the materials and utilizes the accepted/non-contaminated recycling items.  Therefore, it is important for our residents to understand and abide by the recycling guidelines as they become more restrictive as time goes on. If the items are contaminated with food products, or are not accepted as recycling materials, the City may have to pay a penalty, as the recycling company now must pay to dispose of unusable items.

For instance, plastic bags of any kind will get caught on the recycling sorter and damage the equipment (this is true for shredded paper as well).  Pizza boxes with oil stains or cheese remnants cannot be recycled due to the food product contamination.  Containers that hold food that is frozen, often have a coating on them that cannot be recycled and so on.  A list of do’s and don’ts can be found on the City of Nashua website at:  I have also attached to this email our most recent flyer regarding this issue.

It does indeed cost the City money to recycle as it does other municipalities in the country, but our contractor does in fact, recycle all usable materials that we provide through our recycling program.  If you have any additional questions or concerns, I would be happy to provide you with any information you need.  As always, we appreciate the efforts of our residents to assist us in this process, as we endeavor to continue to be good stewards of not only our landfill, but also the environment.”

Lauren Byers

Public Relations Administrator

City of Nashua – Division of Public Works


Snow Emergency December 1 & 2

 Nashua Declares Snow Emergency 

The City of Nashua has declared a snow emergency starting Sunday, December 1st from 10:00pm until Monday, December 2nd at 6:00am. This snow emergency may be adjusted if weather conditions change. 

No on-street parking, schools will be closed, trash and recycling and the landfill will operate per normal schedules.

Please stay tuned for other closures.–255


Dublin Ave Utility Work

There will be a gas line installation on Dublin Avenue between Derry Street and Dover Street on 9/3 from 9 am to 3 pm.  

There will be a lane closure with alternating traffic.


Press Release – Saturday, January 19, 2019 Nashua Declares Snow Emergency

Saturday, January 19, 2019

Nashua Declares Snow Emergency

The Director of Public Works for the City of Nashua has declared a snow emergency starting Saturday, January 19th at midnight until Sunday, January 20th at 12 pm. This snow emergency may be adjusted if weather conditions change. The National Weather Service has issued a Winter Weather Warning for Nashua until 1 am on Monday, January 21st.  Snow will be a heavy at times which will accumulate quickly and impact roadways.


It is very challenging to keep streets clear with heavy snow conditions. Forecasts are calling for deteriorating conditions Saturday night with heavy snow fall through Sunday morning.  If you don’t need to be out on the roads, please stay off them for your safety and to make room for equipment working to keep roads open. We are recommending residents limit travel if possible.  Give yourself extra time if you need to be on the road.  Residents should only expect primary routes to be cleared initially during this storm.  Residential side streets will not be plowed immediately.  Regularly plowed sidewalks will not be plowed until crews have a chance to clear primary and residential streets. 

During the snow emergency:

  • No on-street or municipal surface lot parking is allowed. 
  • FREE parking will be available in the Elm Street and High Street garages. 
  • The overnight parking program is suspended. 

During the hours of the snow emergency, the City of Nashua will be towing vehicles remaining on the street and in the municipal surface lots. Owners of towed vehicles may retrieve their cars at the Solid Waste Department (Landfill) and must pay a fine of $315 (cash, money order or credit card only). Please note that cars may be picked up at the landfill scale house at all times during the snow emergency. After the snow emergency has been lifted, cars may be picked up between the hours of 8 a.m. – 4 p.m.

Depending on the duration of the storm and snowfall amounts, crews may need extensive time once the storm ends to clean all street and regularly plowed sidewalk routes. Please call the Public Works snow line at 589-4795 for up to date information. Thank you for your patience and cooperation as our dedicated Public Works crews work around the clock to clear snow during this snow event. 


Trash and Recycling collections will continue on a delayed holiday schedule this week due to the observance of the Martin Luther King Jr Holiday on Monday, January 21st.  The Four Hills Landfill / Nashua Recycling Center will be open at 8am on Tuesday, January 22nd.  Please visit or call 603-589-3410 for more information about the solid waste schedule.


City Hall and other City offices will be open normal hours starting at 8am on Tuesday, January 22nd. City Hall is closed on Monday, January 21st to observe the Martin Luther King Jr. Holiday.  Please check or the city information line (603-589-3000) for any changes in schedule.


Please stay tuned to the Nashua School District website at for potential cancellations in the school schedule.


Please stay tuned to and CodeRED for Nashua Transit System service disruptions. If you have any questions about transit service, please call 603-880-0100.

The Nashua Public Library will be closed on Monday, January 21st in observance of Martin Luther King Jr. Day.  The Nashua Public Library will be open normal hours starting at 8am on Tuesday, January 22nd. Please stay tuned to for more information.


City officials are urging citizens to prepare for the storm now. The City of Nashua will keep all informed via and the Nashua Emergency Info Line at 603-589-3456. 

The City of Nashua has tips on what citizens can do to be prepared for this storm.


  • Only use 911 for emergencies! If you are calling about the storm but do NOT have an emergency, contact the Nashua Emergency Info Line at 603-589-3456. 
  • Stay off the road – plow crews and emergency vehicles will be working to clear the roads and respond to emergencies.
  • If driving is necessary, stay safe – Leave extra time to get to destinations, allow safe driving distances between vehicles, anticipate reduced speeds, and keep vehicle fuel tanks at least half full.
  • Stay informed- Information will be regularly posted on the city’s website at and on the City social media accounts: on Twitter @nashuaoem and
  • Sign up for the Nashua CodeRED notification system for immediate updates on the storm on your landline phone, cell phone, and/or email. You can sign up at
  • Have an emergency kit – that includes flashlights and spare batteries, a battery powered radio and extra supplies of food and water. Be sure to keep a kit in your vehicle as well.
  • Check on your neighbors and family – make a plan prior to the storm to check-in on elderly or disabled neighbors or family
  • Report ALL power outages – in the event power is lost or a power line falls contact Eversource at 1-800-662-7764.  Each household must report their own power outage!
  • Clear the streets – Remove basketball hoops, trash cans, and any other snow removal obstructions from city streets.
  • Clear your nearby fire hydrant – during a fire, every second counts. Clear your nearby fire hydrant of snow to ensure the Fire Department can access it during an emergency
  • Clear your emergency access gates – If you have an emergency access gate that provides access to your facility or neighborhood, please be sure that snow is not piled in front of it. This ensures emergency vehicles can still access your neighborhood.
  • Clear storm drains – While plowing or shoveling snow, please be sure remove snow over storm drains. This will help prevent significant street flooding as the snow melts.
  • Remove snow from roofs – Snow loads due to the heavy wet snow expected can cause significant loading of roofs leading to potential roof collapse.
  • Clear snow from emergency exits – Do you still have 2 ways out of your home or business if there were a fire?  Don’t pile snow in front of your doors.
  • Ensure that your Carbon Monoxide (CO) detectors – Make sure they are working correctly and have fresh batteries
  • Check your outside fuel exhaust vents – Make sure they are not obstructed by snow or ice. 
  • Never operate a portable generator indoors – The only recommended method to connect a generator to house wiring is by having a qualified electrician install a power transfer switch.

Preparedness is everyone’s responsibility. Take the time now to ensure that you and your family will be safe during this winter storm.

What the City of Nashua Is Doing

The City of Nashua Emergency Management Team has been coordinating with the National Weather Service Office and monitoring the track of the storm and potential impacts. In addition, departments within the city have been reviewing their emergency plans, testing generators, and readying snow removal equipment. As the storm approaches, the city will provide citizens with additional information as necessary. Information will be posted on the city’s website at


Paving comes to Ward 1!

From our DPW

Good Afternoon,

Below you will find the anticipated paving schedule for the week of July 23rd through July 27th.  As always, this schedule is tentative and may change due to unforeseen circumstances such as weather, equipment malfunction, or contractor employee issues. This information will be posted on the City website and the DPW Facebook page, and “No Parking” signs will be posted in advance on these streets.

Have a great weekend!

Paving Schedule 7/23-7/27

  • Beaver Street
  • Cathedral Circle Loop
  • Catherine Street
  • Chapman Street
  • Coburn Avenue
  • Cote Avenue
  • Divinity Circle
  • Edith Avenue
  • Fairview Avenue
  • Harold Dr
  • Keats Street
  • Klondike Street
  • North London Dr
  • North Southwood Drive
  • Nottingham Dr
  • Paul Avenue
  • Pepperell Circle
  • Percheron Circle
  • Pope Circle
  • Redmond Street
  • Roy Street
  • Shakespeare Road
  • Southwood Drive
  • Temple Street
  • Turnbridge Dr


2018 Sidewalk Construction Update:

The sidewalk contractor (Leighton A-White)  will be constructing sidewalks and sidewalk ramps at following intersections:

  • Intersection of Amherst Street and Somerset Parkway
  • Various locations along Amherst Street (Airport Road, Tanguay Avenue, Hampshire Drive)





More Ward 1 Road Notes

We’ve just heard back on our request for the DPW to look over Charron Ave and Pine Hill to improve the intersection. Here is their response:

Good Afternoon Alderwoman Schmidt,

Our Engineering Department has been working to address your concerns regarding the intersection of Charron Avenue and Pine Hill Road.

We understand the problem to be that the single lane on Charron Ave approaching Pine Hill Rd backs up as vehicles wait their turn to make a left turn on to Pine Hill Rd.   Vehicles turning right get caught in the queue which can be quite extensive during the evening rush hour.  A separate right turn from Charron Ave on to Pine Hill Rd will help in reducing the queue.  Building this right turn lane, involves widening the street at the intersection and restriping the lane lines and stop bar. Some drainage work may also be necessary.  Engineering is completing the design with the intention that construction will be completed this year.

I hope this addresses the issue to your satisfaction.  If you have any questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to contact me.

Lauren Byers
Public Relations Administrator
City of Nashua – Division of Public Works
9 Riverside Street

DPW, Facts

Ward 1 Meeting Notes 2/1/18

We held a Ward 1 meeting February 1st at our beautiful Broad St School. It was lightly attended, but a nice opportunity to chat about issues facing our part of the city.

Two questions have already been answered by DPW this morning. From Lauren Byers DPW Public Relations Administrator concerning the online information on this year’s paving plan and  about future plans for Charron Ave:

  1. The paving plan is still in the process of being finalized so I don’t have anything to offer you yet.  I believe by March we should have all the information your residents will need, but I will confirm the expected completion date for you.
  2. I will get back to you regarding the study of Charron Ave and Pine Hill Road intersection, if not today then definitely at the beginning of next week!

Let me know if other questions occur to you.