Police Commission Charter Change

There was some confusion about the proposed Charter Change that the BOA is looking at concerning the Board of Police CommissionersThe process for this is very different than any normal issue that goes over our desks. If the Board agrees, the first step is that the public gets to have a say and it’s scheduled for Monday, June 7th at 7:00 pm. The agenda will have the Zoom details soon. I hope we get lots of input. If you prefer you can write to us individually or as a group to voice your opinion.


  1. Local control of the process of appointing Commissioners
  2. Increasing the number of Commissioners from 3 to 5
  3. Insuring that the makeup of the board reflects the city as a whole

First to this Public Hearing and then on to the Personnel/Administrative Affairs Committee where the BOE will have a chance to discuss the way the Resolution is written and make any amendments.
It then goes to the full Board for a vote up or down – but as most of the members believe at this point that enough interest has been shown that the public should be allowed to vote on this.
Your vote will either make this into law or end the discussion.


Bridge St and East Hollis Intersection

People have heard about the second phase of the Riverfront Landing Apartments in the news lately. It seems that they may finally be going through the approvals stage, and the question was, “What’s going to happen to the road?” This is it.

A great deal of community discussion, study of the traffic patterns, time of day, number of vehicles, everything – went into this final layout.

More information on the options and all the supporting documents can be found here:


Firefighter’s Contract


The BOA’s Budget Committee passed this resolution with a favorable recommendation to the full board for consideration at our meeting on Tuesday 11/24/20.
As I said last night I am pleased that both the Mayor and our CFO have done a thorough job looking forward to what we can expect from the State Legislature these next two years. We are right to be cautious, the Republican Legislature and Governor have already signaled a crushing budget, downshifting responsibilities and costs to cities and towns to figure their own way to manage and distribute the pain.

But we know the value of these men and women to our city, we know their contract was fair. One Alderman was sure that we compensate at a much higher rate than any other city nearby, but only looked at the surface, not at their full contracts, and that other cities don’t respect the work of their employees is absolutely no reason for us to undervalue ours.

Well-trained, professional, serious, willing to perform in the worst conditions, and always at their peak – we are honored by their service and need to ensure they are fairly compensated for their value to Nashua.

I voted for their contract and will hope that the rest of the BOA see their way to do the same tonight.


Re: FY’22 Tax Hike

I received this email this morning from a constituent, and understand the issue that is being freely discussed on the internet by people concerned with the huge percentages associate with next year’s tax rate.

Good Morning Jan,
Let me start this email by saying that my family just moved to Nashua this past August.  I’m still learning “city” life!
I read on Facebook (admit, not the most accurate for information), that there is going to be a 7.03% tax increase for FY 2022.  That seems extremely aggressive given the fact that the PAC is raising taxes as well.  If what I read is correct, we will be looking at a 12% increase in 1-year.  I lived in MA for many years and even they never had such a large increase in taxes.
Would you please advise if these numbers are correct?  If they are, what are you doing to help reduce this impact on our Ward?

Taking this inquire seriously, I wrote back, as I always try to do, to explain the numbers they are seeing discussed and why.

Mostly, people need to know that this is serious for the city and we are looking at “possible outcomes”. For next year.

Hello …,
Let’s see – you’d like an idea about the recent news on taxes. Here are the biggest hits that we may see.
* We have received very bad news from the state recently, the once supported retirement funding has been cut yet again. Despite a promise to support the program if we joined together with the state, each year it has been drastically reduced and we are facing yet another cut in their support.
* We have also been informed that we should expect a huge cut in education funding support from the state, this will hurt us badly. The Commissioner is not supportive of public education and I personally believe that he is attempting to damage the state’s ability to provide one of the best public school systems in the nation.
* We are also looking at a contract for the Firefighters that will be expensive despite the concessions from the department on healthcare and the length of the contract. They deserve it, I firmly believe, but it will cost us.
* The “numbers” you are seeing are a look into the future. We are being as smart as possible on maintaining the best for the city balanced with the cost to live here. It is a complex issue especially considering the epidemic, the new Legislature pledging to cut business taxes which will either raise property taxes or cut programs – likely both, and the service economy taking such a huge hit. Nashua did its best to help keep our neighbors employed – but winter is coming and it’s getting harder and harder. 
* Specifically concerning the PAC. We have had a rise in investment in the city specifically because of the prospect of this coming here. More building, more business inquiries – both of which will help with a wider tax base. I still believe the PAC will be a huge win for the economy of the city, it’s prosperity and property tax support. Having art in the city is nice, but a brighter outcome for the local economy is my goal.

Thank you for writing, and best wishes for a safe and healthy holiday, Jan
Jan Schmidt Ward 1 Alderman


City Hall closes, services remain available

March 17, 2020 5:44 PM


Nashua city government, public health, and emergency management officials continue to actively monitor and respond to the rapidly evolving COVID-19 situation. Keeping in mind the health and safety of city residents and city employees, Nashua’s City Hall will be closed to the public beginning Wednesday, March 18 until further notice.

City Hall will close at 5 p.m. on Wednesday, March 18.

Not to worry, we will still be here for you, the residents of Nashua. The city can still serve you both online, via regular mail for certain services, via dropbox and via phone and email. City employees will be working both remotely and in limited numbers onsite but will continue to be at your service.

POLICE: The Nashua Police Department, in an effort to minimize the spread of COVID-19, has made minor modifications to their normal operations. Nashua Police will continue to respond to every emergency call as normal. The Nashua Police will be postponing business transactions until further notice. Nashua PD personnel will be asking additional screening questions during their public interactions. Officers will ask citizens to step outside when it is necessary to speak in person. If face-to-face contact is not necessary, an officer may contact you via phone. Whenever possible, we are asking the public to please contact the Nashua Police Department at 594-3500 for all non-emergency calls rather than responding to the agency in person. The public should continue to call 911 for any emergency.

FIRE RESCUE: Nashua Fire Rescue is suspending all non-essential support services, which include, but are not limited to burning permits and fire prevention tours/activities. Public access is limited to all Fire Rescue buildings and focused on maintaining our operational readiness. We have transitioned one Deputy Chief to Administration to act as the Operations Manager for the duration of this event. The Assistant Chief is focusing on supporting our day-to-day operations and the Chief is maintaining command of the overall organization. We are committed to the health and safety of our employees, their families and ALL citizens of Nashua. We implore all to use common sense and common courtesy during this uncommon event. Rest assured the men and women of NFR are here for you should you need us! For information, visit or call 603-594-3651.

DEPARTMENT OF PUBLIC WORKS: Trash pickup, landfill operations, the wastewater treatment plant, inspectors, snow operations and mechanics to repair equipment will continue normal operations for Nashua’s DPW. The DPW will also have a crew for emergencies. For information, visit or call 603-589-3140 and leave a message. Your call will be returned as soon as possible.

PUBLIC HEALTH: The Nashua Division of Public of Health & Community Services will be closed to public access and limiting operations until further notice to focus our efforts on the COVID-19 response and ensure the health and well-being of our community. The Community Health Department will be suspending all onsite, offsite and mobile clinical services during this time. If you have an urgent medical issue, call your healthcare provider or 911. The Environmental Health Department will be focusing on high-risk food service inspections, responding to emergency response calls and responding to high-risk citizen complaints. Food service applications and license fees will not be processed in-person during this time, we encourage you to call 603-589-4530 or email for more information. The Welfare Department will not be seeing clients in-person, but any members of the public seeking general assistance should call the main number for the Welfare Department at (603) 589-4555. Welfare Department staff will answer your call or return any message left within 72 hours to complete a telephone intake assessment to determine what assistance is requested and make a preliminary eligibility assessment. Please do not hesitate to contact us for any questions at 603-589-4500 or visit our website at for continuous updates.

COMMUNITY DEVELOPMENT DIVISION: Nashua’s Community Development Division is continuing transit operations, priority building safety services and inspections, emergency code and urban program issues and state-mandated land use boards as essential services during this time. For information, call 603-589-3095 and leave a message (your call will be returned as soon as possible) or visit

ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT: Contact Director Tim Cummings at 603-589-3072 or

TRANSACTIONS (City Clerk’s Office, Motor Vehicle and Administrative Services)


Renewal of a car registration: Can be made in one of two ways: (1) online via our website portal

(; (2) via mail (checks only and post dates will be honored as the date of payment with envelope provided by the city).

Registration and title transfers of newly purchased vehicle: the State has announced that all 20-day temporary plates issued after 3/1/20 for Newly Acquired vehicles have been extended through April 30, 2020. Questions or concerns can be sent to the MVR Supervisor Debbie ( or call (603) 589-3200.

New residents who have moved to Nashua from another State can get plates and registration by emailing (mvr2@nashuanh.gov2) or call (603) 589-3200 to find out what information is required.

If a resident can’t process a renewal online they should email at ( or call (603) 589-3000.

If you purchased a vehicle through a private sale you should go to the State office to get a temporary plate, which will expire on April 30, 2020. The State office in Nashua is located on Broad St. exit 6.  

Boat Licensing: Registration of new boats – please contact MVR Supervisor Debbie Martel, ( Renewal of boats can be done with the State with the form received in the mail. 

Payment of Parking Fines (tickets) Can be made in one of two ways: (1) online via our website portal

(; (2) via mail (checks only and post dates will be honored as the date of payment with envelope provided by the city).

Tax and Sewer (wastewater) payments: Can be made in one of two ways: (1) online via our website portal (; (2) via mail (checks only and post dates will be honored as the date of payment with envelope provided by the city).

Lease parking payments: Can be made in one of two ways: (1) online via our website portal (; (2) via mail (checks only and post dates will be honored as the date of payment with envelope provided by the city).


During the temporary suspension of services at City Hall, the City Clerk’s Office will continue to accept online and mail-in requests for certain services. Those citizens without internet service or for general phone inquiries, call 589-3010 and choose option 5.

Birth, death or marriage certificate: To request a certified copy of a birth, death or marriage certificate online, visit OR visit for regular mail requests.

Dog license renewal: To request a new dog license by mail OR to renew a dog license online or by mail, visit for ONLINE ONLY requests. Visit for regular mail requests.

Absentee Ballot: To request an absentee ballot, visit

Voter Registration and/or Party Affiliation Changes: The Secretary of State’s website provides information on how to register to vote – and how to change your party affiliation –


DropBox: Located at the rear of City Hall, in between the doors. There is a secure, mail slot where you may drop off checks (NO CASH) or other paperwork for any city department.

Abatement applications: Contact Assessing at and inquiries will be responded to accordingly.

Property Record Cards: Can be sent via email; they may be requested at or online at

Filing for and renewals of Exemptions and Credits: Information for verification or renewal can be sent by mail or dropped off in the dropbox; questions can be directed to

Intents to Cut and Intents to Excavate: Can be mailed or scanned/sent to

GIS/map questions: visit our website at or email

Assessing & GIS Department questions: 603-589-3040

2020-2022 Full Revaluation – 603-589-3020 Administrative Services


Step One – Evaluation

This is yesterday’s meeting on the upcoming work to evaluate all the properties in Nashua. It’s clear that the state is right, every once in a while you need to cover the entire city to bring every property into a fair evaluation in relation to everyone else.