We’ve just heard back on our request for the DPW to look over Charron Ave and Pine Hill to improve the intersection. Here is their response:

Good Afternoon Alderwoman Schmidt,

Our Engineering Department has been working to address your concerns regarding the intersection of Charron Avenue and Pine Hill Road.

We understand the problem to be that the single lane on Charron Ave approaching Pine Hill Rd backs up as vehicles wait their turn to make a left turn on to Pine Hill Rd.   Vehicles turning right get caught in the queue which can be quite extensive during the evening rush hour.  A separate right turn from Charron Ave on to Pine Hill Rd will help in reducing the queue.  Building this right turn lane, involves widening the street at the intersection and restriping the lane lines and stop bar. Some drainage work may also be necessary.  Engineering is completing the design with the intention that construction will be completed this year.

I hope this addresses the issue to your satisfaction.  If you have any questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to contact me.

Lauren Byers
Public Relations Administrator
City of Nashua – Division of Public Works
9 Riverside Street

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