Management Audit Report Completed in March 2019

Conclusions and Major Recommendations

The Assessing Department Management Audit has enabled us to look beyond the operationsof the Assessing Department as several other departments are involved.

Major Recommendations:

1} Re-establish the Administrative Services Director position reporting to the Mayorwhich will more effectively align internal serving functions within the city, including but not limited to, Assessing, GIS and Information Technology operations under onedirectorship.

2} Eliminate the Chief Assessor position – the Administrative Services Director will directthe operations of the Assessing Department and working with the Chief Financial Officer will be charged with a} observing the current operating state and b} creatingand implementing an efficiency/improvement plan.

3} More effectively use the AssessPro software to conduct assessing business to include such items such as exemptions/credits and tax abatement processing. Consultation and technical assistance by Patriot Properties may be needed.

4} Create and/or update internal policies and procedures to reflect the current state of operations. Review functions within the department and update job descriptions as appropriate.

5} Implement a new mileage reimbursement policy and related procedures for allemployees who use their personal vehicle for City business.

6} Develop integrated internal training programs for assessing and administrative staff.Conduct orientation and informational workshops with the Board of Assessors.

7} Reduce reliance on the City’s legacy ADM INS software applications.

8} Invest in a full measure & list project over the next few years to update the propertyrecord data. This project will be completed in time to perform the next statemandated Revaluation.

9) In coordination with the full measure and list, transition from the use of the EYB to a grade/condition-based method of assessment. While the EYB is an acceptable method used in assessing, the grade/condition provides for greater transparency and taxpayer comprehension. An outside, experienced consultant is recommended to assist the city with this transition.

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