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Snow Emergencies

The City of Nashua selectively declares snow emergencies for the safety of its residents and to clear vehicles from its roads during plowing. Parking is banned on all Nashua streets during a snow emergency, but free in all City of Nashua garages. Snow emergencies usually begin in the late evening and continue through early morning to minimize their impact on drivers.

Snow Emergency Alerts

  • Sign up for CodeRED, a free automated notification system the City of Nashua uses during snow emergencies and other emergencies. CodeRED notifications can be sent to a landline, cellphone (by call or text), or email address. Visit to sign up.


  • Snow emergency Information is also available through:
    • Twitter @NashuaOEM
    • Channel 16, 96, and 99
    • City of Nashua’s Snow Line: (603) 589-4795
    • Emergency Information Line: (603) 589-3456
    • Snow emergency beacons installed throughout the city flash during a snow emergency

Only use 911 for emergencies! Otherwise, call the Snow Line at (603) 589-4795


Towing During Snow Emergencies

The City of Nashua makes every effort to avoid towing a vehicle. If a vehicle is towed during a snow emergency, it’s brought to the Four Hills Landfill at 840 W. Hollis St. At any time during the snow emergency, the owner may go to the landfill to retrieve the car. They must present proof of ownership and pay a $315 fine by cash, credit card or money order. After the snow emergency, the owner may pick the car up between the hours of 8 a.m. – 4 p.m.

School Cancellations and Delays

Superintendent of Schools Jahmal Mosley and his staff consult many sources before delaying or canceling school. In addition to conferring with the US Weather Bureau and local meteorologists, staff members consult the Nashua Division of Public Works, First Student Transportation, and the Nashua Police Department regarding driving and walking conditions.

The Nashua School District will call a family’s provided phone line by 5:45 a.m. the day of the decision.

  • School cancellation/delay information can also be found through:
    • Twitter @NashuaSchools
    • Local/Boston television and radio stations
    • Nashua School District phone message at (603) 966-1000
    • Nashua School District website at

A decision to delay or cancel school will be based on the best available information. However, the decision to keep a child home ultimately rests with each parent/guardian.

Early dismissals are considered only in extreme circumstances because of childcare concerns. Nevertheless, all parents and guardians should prepare for that rare event. Parents and guardians are advised to consult with child care providers and agree on a plan for child care in the event of an early dismissal. It is equally important to inform the students about those plans.

Plowing and Snow Removal

Nashua’s Division of Public Works operates more than 80 pieces of equipment on 41 routes, plowing 765 lane miles of streets and clearing 50 out of 214 miles of sidewalks.

DPW Manages a Snow Event By:

  • Reviewing multiple forecasts
  • Determining how to best time plowing
  • Pre-salting routes
  • Focusing on primary roads and then secondary roads. Priorities include downtown, schools and municipal parking lots.

All staff are on their routes after 2 inches of snowfall.
Within 12 hours all streets are cleared.
Within 48 hours all immediate school zone sidewalks are cleared.
Within 72 hours all primary sidewalk routes are cleared.

Nashua’s Economic Development Department cleans up many of Nashua’s downtown sidewalks and municipal lots, working as quickly as possible after snowstorms to clear them as efficiently as possible.

Residents are encouraged to clear sidewalks in front of their homes and businesses to assist in keeping sidewalks safe and passable.

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