The back of the ballot this year is a full page of reading, and none of this information is there. You may want to read up before election day.

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At Street Level, the 30,000 square foot facility would include:

  • a lobby with ticketing,
  • restrooms, and coat check;
  • storage space;
  • a 2,555 square foot restaurant/function area with a capacity of 170; and,
  • 6,309 square feet of retail space.

The Second Floor would feature:

  • restrooms,
  • group and private dressing rooms,
  • catering and concessions space,
  • a lobby area,
  • a 7,142 square foot performance space,
  • back of house, and
  • wardrobe and furniture storage space.

A flexible facility, the performance space would be able to accommodate:

  • 500 in tiered seating,
  • 1,000 standing, and
  • 550 at tables and chairs.

This is the most important part for people to know about the question.

No borrowing for the renovation or construction of a new performing arts center, except for costs related to acquiring and securing (for safety and security purposes) the property anticipated to be used as a new performing arts center, shall occur until such time as the Mayor has determined that private funds totaling at least four million dollars ($4,000,000), to be used towards a portion of the operating costs of such new performing arts center, have been raised. This resolution shall expire two years from its effective date in the event that the four million dollars ($4,000,000) has not been raised prior to that date.

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