It’s probably easier to play than to define, but compare it to video bingo, and this year the NH government passed the Keno for Kindergarten bill.

I voted yea, knowing that Nashua will suffer a great deal from the most recent State Budget cuts, and this might be one small way we might find funds to help the city. I personally don’t find gambling amusing, but more importantly, I find it abhorrent that legislators would tie the education of our children to such a mercurial funding source.

Under the measure, only locations that have a license to pour will be allowed Keno,  schools won’t receive the additional funding until 2019, and all monies collected will go into the Education Trust Fund. I cannot find how the money is distributed from there or if Nashua would even see any money from it.

There will be a public hearing on October 10th and then Nashua will be asked to vote on this in November:

  “Shall we allow the operation of keno games within the town or city?”


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