Press release

The Nashua Police Department is excited to announce the launch of its Body-Worn Camera Program. This initiative requires Nashua Police Officers to use body-worn cameras during the delivery of law enforcement and police services.

“l welcome the use of body-worn cameras by our officers,” said Nashua Chief Michael Carignan. “This program will bring enhanced transparency, which further strengthens the trust and relationship between our community and our officers. It will ensure the highest level of accountability to Nashua citizens.’

The Nashua Police started exploring body-worn camera options over one year ago. After reviewing multiple camera options, it was determined that Utility, Inc. offered a device which best fit the needs for the department. The 6-year contract with Utility, Inc. includes outfitting all NPD officers with BodyWorn by Utility cameras, which are embedded in the officers’ uniforms to prevent them from detaching. The camera technology utilizes automated recording triggers designed to remove the burden by the officer to activate the device. The camera automatically activates and records anytime the officer:

  • Is within 500 feet of a dispatched call to service
  • Draws their handgun from its holster
  • Begins to run
  • Engages in a jostled movement, such as a physical altercation
  • Activates lights and/or sirens in the car
  • Lies flat for 10 seconds — this feature, known as Officer Down, notifies all police patrol officers that an officer is in need of immediate assistance

The body-worn camera program is intended to strengthen accountability, improve transparency, and increase community safety. Body-worn cameras enhance the ability to resolve officer-involved incidents and complaints. Body-worn cameras have been shown to promote de-escalation by both law enforcement officers and those they encounter. Nashua Police officers will be wearing body-worn cameras starting on November 1, 2021.

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