I’m not sure anyone actually drives that speed, but it seems to me that many drive a great deal faster.

The outcome lately has been 4 accidents in all of 2020 and 6 from January 2021 to September, and I have assurances from the Deputy of Patrol that “Extra Attention” will be paid to help press the point that speeding is not acceptable on this twisty and narrow country road.

People live on this road, walk their dogs, ride their bikes, turn into and out of their driveways and we all count on everyone respecting that.

If your student drives to Nashua North via Coburn, and they get a speeding ticket, or distracted driver ticket because they are on their phone, I might suggest that they are too irresponsible to drive and don’t deserve the privilidge. And as an adult – if you take chances on this road – the same may be said of you.

Please respect our neighborhoods and drive like your kids live here.

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