The voters spoke loudly on one, and the second not so much

Shall the municipality approve the charter amendment summarized below?

  1. This amendment changes the way that vacancies are to be filled until the next municipal election 

on the Board of Aldermen, Board of Education, 

Board of Public Works, and Board of Fire Commissioners. 

Currently, if there are more than six (6) months remaining in an unexpired term that has been vacated, the vacancy is filled by a special election held after forty(40) days but before one hundred and eighty (180) days following the creation of the vacancy, or, if the regular election timing is appropriate, the vacancy can be filled by the non-incumbent candidate who receives the most votes at the regular municipal election for the next term of office which is then vacant.  

This charter amendment would instead require vacancies to be filled until the next municipal election by majority vote of the remaining members of that board within sixty (60) days following the creation of the vacancy.  

The amendment further clarifies issues concerning vacancies caused by death or declination of office before inauguration and when persons elected to fill vacancies assume office.

It saves thousands of dollars on low-turnout special elections, but I worry that the process could be abused.

2. Shall we allow the operation of sports book retail locations within the City of Nashua?

This is straight-up, no question, real -time betting on games, but controlled by a limited number of facilities. I voted for people to decide, I don’t know how I will vote yet.

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