I received this email this morning from a constituent, and understand the issue that is being freely discussed on the internet by people concerned with the huge percentages associate with next year’s tax rate.

Good Morning Jan,
Let me start this email by saying that my family just moved to Nashua this past August.  I’m still learning “city” life!
I read on Facebook (admit, not the most accurate for information), that there is going to be a 7.03% tax increase for FY 2022.  That seems extremely aggressive given the fact that the PAC is raising taxes as well.  If what I read is correct, we will be looking at a 12% increase in 1-year.  I lived in MA for many years and even they never had such a large increase in taxes.
Would you please advise if these numbers are correct?  If they are, what are you doing to help reduce this impact on our Ward?

Taking this inquire seriously, I wrote back, as I always try to do, to explain the numbers they are seeing discussed and why.

Mostly, people need to know that this is serious for the city and we are looking at “possible outcomes”. For next year.

Hello …,
Let’s see – you’d like an idea about the recent news on taxes. Here are the biggest hits that we may see.
* We have received very bad news from the state recently, the once supported retirement funding has been cut yet again. Despite a promise to support the program if we joined together with the state, each year it has been drastically reduced and we are facing yet another cut in their support.
* We have also been informed that we should expect a huge cut in education funding support from the state, this will hurt us badly. The Commissioner is not supportive of public education and I personally believe that he is attempting to damage the state’s ability to provide one of the best public school systems in the nation.
* We are also looking at a contract for the Firefighters that will be expensive despite the concessions from the department on healthcare and the length of the contract. They deserve it, I firmly believe, but it will cost us.
* The “numbers” you are seeing are a look into the future. We are being as smart as possible on maintaining the best for the city balanced with the cost to live here. It is a complex issue especially considering the epidemic, the new Legislature pledging to cut business taxes which will either raise property taxes or cut programs – likely both, and the service economy taking such a huge hit. Nashua did its best to help keep our neighbors employed – but winter is coming and it’s getting harder and harder. 
* Specifically concerning the PAC. We have had a rise in investment in the city specifically because of the prospect of this coming here. More building, more business inquiries – both of which will help with a wider tax base. I still believe the PAC will be a huge win for the economy of the city, it’s prosperity and property tax support. Having art in the city is nice, but a brighter outcome for the local economy is my goal.

Thank you for writing, and best wishes for a safe and healthy holiday, Jan
Jan Schmidt Ward 1 Alderman schmidtj@nashuanh.gov

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